We Want to Make Much of Jesus!

Will you join us?


We hope the information you find here will help you not only understand more about our church, but also more about our Savior.  Only by His power and grace do we live and breathe.  So in humble gratitude we gather to worship Him each week.  We currently meet in two locations here in central West Virginia: St. Albans and Teays Valley. Our mission and prayer as a church is that by knowing us you will come to know God, or come to know Him better.  We want everything we do to honor Him and that includes this website. As we strive to produce fully devoted followers of Christ, the VISION we are trying to live out and help others to live out is simple: We desire to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and SERVE.


Dave Stauffer    Senior Minister

Dave Stauffer

Senior Minister

Chris Ferguson    Elder

Chris Ferguson


Dave Martin    Elder

Dave Martin


Rick Vaughan    Elder

Rick Vaughan


worship ministry

Steve Riley    Worship Minister

Steve Riley

Worship Minister


Secretarial staff

Bettie Hilbert    Church Secretary

Bettie Hilbert

Church Secretary

Jane Hainor    Financial Secretary

Jane Hainor

Financial Secretary

Gateway Education Center

Suzie Groves    Executive Director

Suzie Groves

Executive Director


Facilities staff

Dennis Mosley    Facilities Manager

Dennis Mosley

Facilities Manager

Christopher Bradbury    Facilities Staff

Christopher Bradbury

Facilities Staff